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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Klimke and Ahlerich '84 Olympics Dressage

Watching him ride is just amazing; both him and his horse are amazing. I can clearly see how he got Gold. It's all so effortless, and light. When doing Piaffe, the horse doesn't travel like so many great riders these days. His canter pirouette is actually on the spot, as well as effortless... Again. He moves on the teeny tiniest circle, and there is so much action, drive, and involvement in the hind quarters. While watching the video clip throughout, watch the horses legs, and see the bend, and the activity.
Watch it, and see if afterwards you can actually say, and mean it, that this looks vigorous, hard, or heavy. When you look at his hands (Klimke's), you can see how how he carries them so lightly, he's not pulling, nor is heavy with them; he was even giving Ahlerich the reins at some points, not pulling them more. If you watch closely at 2:24 to maybe 2:27, you can see him giving some rein during the EXTENDED TROT, yeah, not something you see very often these days. And his trot is actually very fluent, he doesn't break the rhythm, and it's a real extended trot. Not some fast paste medium, rhythm breaking trot. Watch the transition from trot to passage at 3:05, see how clean that was and how there is no hassle? See how he moves with the horse, his body is so relaxed, and his posture is great.
In my opinion, this video shows textbook dressage. It shows how dressage is supposed to be. This is why he won gold and why he was, is, and always will be a legend!

video courtesy of- iloveharrykinkin
-with love Rebekka

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