"Fashion will always be my drug, horses will always my high, art will always be my excitement, and God will always be my calm; they will always go together and cannot be broken apart. "

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Goodbye, from Here

Hello to my loyal and hopeful readers,

I am hanging up this blog. Rest assured, I am not hanging up blogging. I am starting a new blog that will be more geared and oriented towards what I wanted in the first place-- a blog that has no boxes, something simply and only written by me. This blog morphed into something that I attempted to shape into the blogs of others, I must admit, I wanted my blog to be their blog, bloggers whom I truly appreciated, and respected. So I am going to move on, move onto something that will be me. I forgot about my voice for a while, and that's because I tried forcing something that was either going to happen, nor ever there in the first place.

My new blog is called 'By E. Hovilainen' because it is by me and that's the best and simplest way I can put it. I am allowed to say it is a blog of my inspiration because I am inspired by so much and I never put a box or category on what I am inspired by. I have said before and I will say again, I am inspired by (in no particular order) equestrian, animals, music, fashion, literature, art, photography, images, photographs, thoughts, travel, destinations, food, the human being and soul, people, the streets, so much! I am a writer that will never limit myself.

No boxes!

No categories!

No labels!


by E. Hovilainen!

My new blog will truly be me.

With Love,

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Quickie

Hello, hello!

Apologies for deserting you; cannot promise it will not happen again. Life is just so busy and hectic at the moment. My life has basically consisted of working, school, and starting the barn life again/equestrian. But it's all good when I love what I do, non? Christmas is coming up and I think I am finally getting excited. For the longest time my happiness - not joy, my joy is permanent - was delayed, but it is here. Cirumstances are not what I am used to, they have changed, but I still love Christmas.

Just a little update on how life is, and what I will be doing on rebavanity lifestyle:

As you know, I want to be a writer, and do consider myself an aspiring writer; because of this, I have to prepare and practice - one reason I started this blog. I did write a Novella as an entry for a contest that another blogger was holding while back, however, despite my not winning, I still got motivated to do something. I wrote on a character named Sonja, and am now motivated to continue with that character, and start a series on her. It is fashion; why write on things of which I do not know nor understand?
This is a really fun idea for me as I love to write and I love fashion, I am always looking for ways to combine them; and I love storytelling, but have not had the right motivation, nor the right idea that allowed me to incorporate that.

If you have been reading my tweets, you would have read how I was going through some Elle mags and how I especially loved the September issue of Elle. Here are some pictures I favored from the September Elle '09:
"Remains of the Day" pg. 412-421.
Photographed by Serge Leblon; styled by Samira Nasr.

source: Personally scanned images, I am still new to this and learning how to scan to the max!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Special Event: Grand Prix Sow Jumping @ LAEC Nov. 14,09

Hello Dears,
If you have been reading my Tweets (linked) you may have noticed how I recently have been involved in the equestrian side of the world more often again. Mother is now riding (and teaching) at Enterprise Farms located at The Paddock Riding Club and have been tagging along since Saturday (day of show). On Saturday we were so nicely blessed with two tickets to the Grand Prix Show Jumping show at LAEC. Gates opened up at 18:00 and we got there maybe around 18:30. The weather was cold but when the excitement came I was to forget about me regret for not bringing another jacket and also the need for my bathroom break. It was an amazing show with riders and horses including Richard Spooner, 2008 Beijing Olympic Gold Medalist (along with US team) Will Simpson, and Michael Endicott.

As we were waitng for the Excitement to begin, I looked around at how people prepared for this show. Of course a horse show being a horse show, there were differenet concession tables outside, but only till I started to pay attention did I see that people also saved their money and brought bags from VONS, coolers filled with real ceramic plates, bottles of wine and glasses to go with. Then I started looking at the box/chair seats that were closer to the action, -I'm still quite thankful for the tickets in the first place- I noticed they brought huge food trays, filled with all sorts of lovely things to nibble and get fat on. The audience was a clash Kyra K. windbreakers and Burberry trenches, Ariat paddock boots and suede leather stilletos.
Must I not forget the cute little Ridinig for Reading Stick Horse Parade, and music that went on as we so patiently waited.

Cristallo and Richard Spooner were first in the ring, making a clear round with good time ( I so blatantly forgot to wite down the time). Richard Spooner basially set the pace for the show, and exciting the audience with many "oohs and ahhs" that came after each jump. There were other riders and horses, fences that fell, some that respectfully quit, and others that took up too much time. Around 20:00 the 'Class Leaders' were JO Tristan and Nicole Shahiniansenson, JO Archie Bunker and Will Simpson, JO Apache and Richard Spooner, JO Cristallo and Richard Spooner. In the end, my favorites from the first part before the JO were, of course, Richard Spooner, Will Simpson, Michael Endicott, and Nicole Shahiniansenson.

During the whole jump off, I was basically either/or for Richard Spooner and Will Simpson; but when Michael Endicott rode my mother and I wondered whether he would pull a bunny from his hat. Richard Spooner again came first with his horse Cristallo and again set the tone and excitement for the jump off. Then Nicole Shahiniansenson came and made on tiny mistake of being too slow with taking too wide a turn and went past 40 seconds! Archie Bunker and Will Simpson came afterwards and beat Richard Spooner's first score with 35.60 seconds. Annnnd then Richard Spooner came again with Apache, and for a slight second, I thought Will Simpson would win, which was fine, but to be honest, I did have a teeny more want for Richard Spooner to win than Will Simpson. However, Richard Spooner and Apache beat Will Simpson's score which beat Spooner's in the first place with 34.01 seconds. El Sueno's Quanto VL and Stephanie Saperstein came, and honestly, I really did not give a care for her, she left the ring with 38.20 seconds. The jump off ended with Flexible and Rich Fellers with a nice 34.36 seconds; however, he dropped a pole earning him 4 points and obviously not winning.
So the victory and $50,000 went to Apache and Richard Spooner! Yes, $50,000. I do love jumping...
It was a nice show with a victory I was happy with, a various crowd, and weather that in the end did turn out to be, well, freaking cold!
with love,

Friday, November 6, 2009

Clinique Fresh Faces Tour and I

Hello mah darlings,

I do sincerely apologize for not blogging for what!? Over a month now?? Life happens however. I have been going to online school at Kaplan Academy of California and let me say, that is one highly demanding school. I am taking seven classes when everyone else is doing around four or five. However, all in all, I am I am thankful to my school because if it were not for highly dreaded school testing to meet Cali requirements, something superbly exciting would not have happened on Wednesday; you will get to read about that below, but for now, let's talk some more about how...

...Life happens... I have started work as an assistant to a new designer who wants to get her stuff out there. All started simply with me doing her website because she liked my blog, but life happens and now I am her assistant. I work for Charlotte Epee who is the founder and designer of CharlottesAngels. She has very pretty jewelry, dresses, shirts, and more coming! In fact, I am wearing one of her necklaces now. I would also link her website but we are in between hosting services right now. The team is getting bigger and bigger, we are searching for models, photographers, and all that jazz and it all makes me realize I have a REAL job that I absolutely love.

Sooooo, Wednesday: I was in Westwood Village or somewhere near Beverly Hills doing CAHSEE testing. When I went into the main waiting area where my mother was using their WiFi (of course) while waiting for me, she told me that there is something she found for me to do and that I will like and be interested in it, but she will still force me to do it, because it's something that I would regret not doing. Therefore I went to the bathroom, came back out, she showed me the Clinique Fresh Faces 09 Tour flier telling about the makeover, getting my photo taken, and how the stupendous Eva Chen - Beauty and Health Editor of Teen Vogue - would be there. So I GASPED! ! ! Enormously.

So I got in the line, mother did the release form and all, and decided to be the best support and mother ever! She wasn't in the line with me, but outside of the rope, so she went to watch other people getting their makeup done. Soon after some people went over to her, and my mother being charismatic and proud of her lovely daughter, started bragging about me. She started talking about how I thoroughly love Teen Vogue, and how I have been subscribing for years, also talked about how I want to be on the other side of the camera (photographer) and just the stuff good 'ole mothers brag about. She yelled my name, I looked over, smiled and waved, at the same time wondering, "Oh, gosh, what is she doing, hi people."

She came back over and told me what had just happened, I didn't realize her mother instincts to brag about me, and I sort of had the tone of "dear mother, but no!" when talking with her.

Soooo big GASP: I spotted Ms. Chen and noticed her walking in my direction, my heart pumping I crossed my fingers for her to walk towards me, and what happened? She walked straight to me, introduced herself, and I told her I love her page -the one in Teen Vogue, duh!- and we talked. It was just incredible talking with her, and she was also just the nicest person ever! She recommended a school in New York to me, and it was also a really encouraging conversation, whether she knew it or not. Mother said I was completely professional but on the inside my heart was fluttering and jumping, pumping and dancing.

I chose the more dramatic look, got my makeup done by a Clinique expert, but sadly the parking meter was about to run out of time and mother had already refilled it twice, so I just got my photo snapped by a photographer without my horrendous testing hairdo getting prettied up by a stylist who would have made me fall asleep while letting her fingers dance in my hair, but life happens...

So my day went from mediocre due to testing to spectacularly the best day ever!

Hopefully you have been reading my Tweets and noticing that I have not gone completely M.I.A. Follow me @ http://twitter.com/rebavanity

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Patrick Swayze


I don't want to say that he is finally gone, but he held on for a long time. RIP

with love Rebekka