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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sad Dog In a Near Apartment

Pretty much the whole day today there was this sad dog crying in some nearby apartment. Maybe the owner left the dog on the apartment or maybe it has separation anxiety, either way, it was sad listening to it. I kept thinking to myself I just want to go get that dog and bring it home, spoil it, and love it. Sadly, I couldn't. Tending to our cat's every needs is quite enough thank you very much. So I think before a dog comes into this house, my mum would like everything around looking perfect, including getting all the furniture pieces that we need/want.
I just however think that leaving a dog out like that is cruel, in my eyes. Dog needs his people, and if his people are gone, don't leave him crying outside by himself. Give him toys, keep the TV on, or pop in a CD or turn on your iPod, something.
But, if you ARE home, how mean! I could never do that to a dog, look them in the eyes, and turn them away, or turn my head away from their pleading eyes.

-with love Rebekka

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