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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fashion Icon Soup

           What do you get when you put the Olsen twins, Kate Moss, and Rachel Zoe's style and put it into a big pot with a sprinkle of Victoria "Posh" Beckham? Me! That's absolutely right. Of course I will always admire the people like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, and Liz Taylor for their classic, timeless style. For everyday wear it's "all of the above." 
        I have been wondering exactly what is my style? Not just what, but who is my style also. I'm not trying to be a copycat, it's just everyone needs someone to look up to as their fashion people also. Just like you're 5 yr. old little brother or son may look up to Superman because he's the greatest man to ever walk on earth to them. Well, just like that, I think people also need to look up to certain people for their fashion needs and inspiration. And my people happen to be "all of the above."  Like I said, I have been searching for some fashion people to look up to -in the meaning of day-to-day wear- and I never knew what it was so it was like I was "clueless" about what to wear in a way. I know I sound like some person who doesn't have her own sense of style, but I do. That's why it's a mixture of those people. I also would add a little spice of my "exact" own style if you want to put it that way, but they are my style..In a way. 
          I love all of their styles. The Olsens, you might think that they have the same style, but they don't. Look closely and you will notice how Ashley Olsen has a more conservative style. She also uses more whites and blacks with one piece of colour for that 'pop.' Then there is Kate Moss' style, can't put my finger on what to call it but it's lovely. I added that spice or sprinkle of Victoria "Posh" Beckham in there because she has this polished clean look for when she is sometimes seen about town. Bright colours and all. I guess you could say that it is sort of preppy, but at certain times. Oh, let's not forget Rachel Zoe's style; it's very vintage and original LA style which I love. I love her style. When I was watching The Rachel Zoe Project on BravoTV, I immensely fell in love with her clothes and the way she dress. And her big chunky gold gold gold everywhere jewelry is something I would adapt into my own style and carry it over when dressing "like" mary Kate or Ashley Olsen. They are not always wearing the biggest, chunkiest of the gold jewelry, but I would. You know why? Because I am still an independent person with my own style. Ha! 
          I love fashion. And I love being me. I also love their (the names I listed above) style. I think everyone should look up to someone fashion wise but still keep our own creativeness and fashion individuality. And you can even if you look up to someone in the fashion world for your fashion needs. Just pick someone who you admire from a fashion point-of-view and admire them and look to them as a guide. But still keep intact your own creativity and individuality. Just wondering, is there someone you admire in the fashion world, casual or event wise? 

-with love Rebekka

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