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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Can Relate

To me, and so many others, Adrianna Duncan is the best character on the CW's 90210. Her character has the most depth, she's truly 3-dimensional, and you actually get to know her. Jessica Lowndes is an amazing actress. She portrays Adrianna so well, and makes "Ade" her own. This video to me sums it all up, the emotion, the character, the show, and of course its depth. The music as well helps the video. It is the perfect song choice. The lyrics match perfectly with all the parts at the rights times. The character and this video are truly amazing. 

I also can relate to Adrianna the most with her dealing with an addiction problem. I understand where she is coming from and her character and the dynamics of her character. I also relate to Naomi, but that's not what this post is about. If you haven't got hooked on 90210 yet, make sure you do, at least to watch Jessica Lowndes play Adrianna. I have read that she will be having more screen time now and might become an added main cast member. Hope you can open your eyes and truly enjoy this show for the people it has and what it is. 

song- Paradise (Not for Me) by Madonna

with love Rebekka

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