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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Remember the Game Bop It!?

Browsing along Shopbop is always fun, especially the Sales section. But for me the sale section alone does not do it: nooooo, I have to go to the 70 percent off area to gratify my hunger for more. The 70 percent off is like a big treasure hunt for me because I love, just absolutely LOVE, seeing what amazing clothes can be knocked down from the unreachable price to something that may be very soon in my grasp. It does always amaze me what I find. So like I said, I was browsing along and I had a very high inclination to make a collage of a few of my favorite things from the 7o percent off page. Once I started to grab images, I was only able to make it to Marc by Marc Jacobs realizing that the list seems like it never ends.

Collage owned by rebavanity lifestyle blog. I do NOT own any individual images.
Source: Shopbop

1. Anna Sui Block Tie Dye Tunic 100% silk. To me it's very bohemian but also very LA style. Very easy-breezy that can be thrown over a tank top but still retains a pulled together look.

2. Calvin Klein Collection Jana Trouser I love love Calvin Klein and I love him even more when it seems as if he can never let me down. I would wear these pants to run errands or for the evening. I love how they're pleated and would make one look curvy in a good way. They would compliment a curvy woman or make someone whom has nothing there seem as if they have something there. I also just love the wool fabric: very breathable so no sweating and your skin is allowed to breathe.

3. Chris Benz Standard Vintage Trouser I am not quite sure why I decided to put these pants. I guess the metallic drew my eyes towards it. Though I am not a big fan of the fabric -45% viscose/37% polyester/15% silk/3% nylon- with only 15% silk (I don't like non-breathable fabrics too much) I do think these pants look quite nice; not sure if I could pull them of, however. I like where they come up on the waist, tucking away those few flaws around that area.

4. Dian von Furstenberg Pickford High Heel Granny Bootie made in Italy. Very sexy to me in a very modest Victorian way. Something I might wear as I am walking through a forest in New England, America, with a long skirt, or just out and about with jeans. I like how the bootie has a zipper in the back.

5. Alexander Wang Silk Short 100% silk. I just love Alexander Wang. He seems to realize that women aren't robots and still should be able to move around in gorgeous clothes. I love that they are 100% silk and pleated in the front. They seem very comfortable.

6. Loeffle Randall Gathered Camisole 100% silk. A very sophisticated take on the regular cami. The ruffled part in the front is very pretty and elegant. The cami, of course, is very loose and looks like you can just slip it on without looking slut-y in any way. In the picture on Shopbop the model is wearing this cami with regular Bermudas; so it's obvious that this cami can be worn with either casual bottoms, jeans, or a nice pair of trousers. I prefer the the nude colour but I guess the yellow does POP.

7. Marc by Marc Jacobs Crinkled Taffeta Short At first glance they look 100% silk but a second look one would notice they are 100% polyester- only thing I don't like about them. Honesty, I just love everything Marc Jacobs, though. Of course I love the pleated in the front and they look a bit shiny/metallic. I would definitely wear these shorts. Luckily, they come in my size!

Collage owned by rebavanity lifestyle blog. I do NOT own any individual images.
Source: Shopbop

1. Jill Stuart Karlie Top 100% silk. Paired with a nice skirt and I might just wear this pretty blouse to a part instead of a dress. Such a pretty colour. I really like the drawstring at the neck, a very pretty little detail that blends in but still is noticeable. I especially love the sleeves. The whole top looks kind of classic medieval pretty.

Isn't it amazing that in our modern day-and-age we can experience and experiment with different style from different times?

2. DKNY Lace Tank Dress I love the lace over the colour underneath, "gives this classic style a retro feel"; indeed it certainly does. The dress has a very classic shape that I just love but the chartreuse colour makes the dress POP. DKNY never lets me down.

3. Castle Starr Patchwork Embellished Dress A pretty pleated voile dress. I think the embellishment at the bottom adds on well to make this dress effortlessly elegant. The shell is a cotton and silk mixture while the lining is 100% silk, making for a comfortable dress. To me the white looks more like a nude white. Also another item that comes in my size.

These were a few of my favorite things from Shopbop's 70% off which ends July 31 11:59 PM. Only thing about these items being so (relatively) cheap is they don't always come in the perfect size that one would need. Only a few of these come in my size. Luckily enough, there are so many items that browsing through one would find enough to gratify our indulges.

with love Rebekka

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