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Monday, September 22, 2008

3 Reasons to Watch "The Duchess"

...Keira Knightly, Ralph Fiennes, and Dominic Cooper (hot guy from Mamma Mia! the movie)

Yes, those are the only 3 reasons I can think of for right now to watch that movie,
Besides that fact that I, myself do however love period films. They say Keira Knightly is a promising star, I say she already is one. Hmmm, how old is she again and how much success has she already had? It's not only that she has just been in a lot of movies, she is great at acting! I can't think of too many actors/actresses that have had good success at her young age. Well there is Daniel Radcliffe, but then again, he is sort of typecast.
Then there is also Ralph Fiennes in this movie, besides that fact that is just handsome and charming and well, he makes everyone drool, he is also a great actor. Of course since he's older and has had more experience, it's only fair to say that he is a better actor. Ahhh, then again he IS older and has had more experience. Ahem ahem playing evil like Lord Voldemort! I know, I couldn't believe it either!
Ahh, Dominic Cooper, what can I say about him, I haven't seen him in too much. Sadly no, I haven't seen him in the History Boys. I have seen him in Sense and Sensibility, not the movie one but the one that was a miniseries. I have also seen him in Mamma Mia!, and let me say, I loved him in that; and not just because he was topless most the time. Wow, I just can't believe he's 30!

Well, hopefully I will be able to go see this movie in theatres, if not, I just have to buy it when it comes out, oh bummer!

You can find the synopsis and plot and more info here.

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