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Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Like Being Stuck with NO Elec.

So I turned the TV on to watch Gossip Girl, I was so excited to watch this particular one. From what I could tell from watching the previews, we were going to get a look at old Serena, and Dan would finally see. I like the new one too, considering morally she's better, I just wanted to see the old one with Dan watching close by. Anywho, all of a sudden, the TV turns off, and the red light thingy that shows it's off isn't even on! Everything is hooked up fine, and even the DVD player light is on. So mum pulls out the receipt to see the warranty details, lucky for us, she bought the 3-year product protection thing. So she called the place, and turns out, they should call within 24-48 HOURS! Just to call, then they would schedule a time to go and look at the TV. Well, at least mum did call, and at least she did save the receipt! So now, no Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Lincoln Heights, Privileged, 90210, maybe not even shows on Wednesday. Well, at least mum has this Mac, so I still have the internet.

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