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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Great Book, Finished Yesterday

I just finished this awesome book yesterday called Veil of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald. I won't write a whole thing about what it's about, but I do recommend that you go to Target and go buy it. My mum is downstairs reading it at this very moment.
I liked the ending a lot--loved it!--and it just made my heart melt.
It's about a 27 Yr. old Iranian (she identified as Persian) woman who get a one way ticket to America for her 27th birthday from her parents. She has a 3 month Visa, meaning 3 months to find that perfect Muslim, preferably Iranian man to marry; or else it's back to Iran for good. It tells the book through her eyes as she experiences everyday American life. Even from before she gets of the plane, she is exposed to a lot of the raunchiness some people have. She goes to Victoria's Secret, rides on a back of a motor scooter, and meets a girl who isn't afraid to share her opinions on sex, even has a love interest, all for the very first time. She meets two potential husbands, one who hates imaginary bugs and another who has a big secret and she finds out he has--after all--an even worse behavior. All Tami wants are laugh lines and to stay in America.
I recommend this book for you to read, and as a gift. So many humorous moments, as well as many moments that broke my heart. It really shows all the little freedoms that we have everyday, and all we do is take them for granted. Like not having to be afraid every time you go outside, women being able to have a voice of their own, to being able to show your affection for someone like giving a hug or holding hands.

I hope you read it =)

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