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Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Article That Makes Absolutely No Sense!

As usual, I read my Teen Vogue as soon as possible, which just happened to be on my way home. I was eager to read the articles especially on life and health and those sort of things. Teen Vogue usually has great articles, except for the exception of some that don't quite catch my attention. Then there are those that are just plain ridiculous, they don't come often; when they do, the stupidity of the article is like a bullet train going down a cliff or something that it fell of from.
This time I was reading a bullet train that only went down the cliff because the conductors didn't know what to do. The article was, unrealistic--like the comparing of a 300,000 cattle farm to a city, that's unrealistic thinking!--and just didn't add up... Sad enough to say however that this was found inside a Teen Vogue magazine.

The article, "Food For Thought" by Andrea Kasprzak, was supposed to be talking about healthy eating become an obsessive thing, which I don't think it accomplished. It dabbled into many different things including anorexia, bulimia/ binge eating and something new called orthorexia which isn't a real disease! A few others as well, but were not clear on, the article had no clear thing on what it was talking about. Therefore, already in my book a bad article.

Let me start with this quote-

" Orthorexia, a new term used to describe a fixation on healthy eating, is an
issue on the rise with teenage girls. Unlike clinically recognized eating
disorders such as anorexia or bulimia, orthorexics are concerned about
the purity of food rather than simply striving for thinness."
Karen Stickler, Psy.D. "Food For Thought"
written by Andrea Kasprzak

So pretty much saying that if you care about what's put into your mouth, you have orthorexia; I guess my mum, Mishael, and I are all orthorexics. I think it's ridiculous saying someone has an eating disorder, recognized or not, just because they care what goes into their mouth! My mum, I would say a few years ago, put the family on an organic diet. It's a lot safer, and I would rather go in life without all of the fatigue and other problems that highly processed foods come with. Like high fructose corn syrup, yeah they have those new commercials saying it's safe, have you noticed how more and more people are going organic... (I guess that's the reason for the commercials)? Which means no high fructose corn syrup, which means no money for all those big food companies so they think, Hmmm, what is a lie we can come up with so people will keep eating our foods so the food companies will keep buying our HFCS, so I can continue to pay for my lavish lifestyle? Ohhhh! I have an idea, we will tell another lie about the truth, because everyone below us is too stupid to really know.

High fructose corn syrup is like eating a horrible insect poisoner, really, it is that bad. You just don't notice until later in your life when it starts collecting in your insides, you start getting more and more sick, and you develop soft spots around those areas that used to be your great ones, and you can't rid them. Since we went organic, I have not felt so tired anymore, and I am able to control my weight better, if I do eat right and not too much. High fructose corn syrup is to be blamed for a lot of your blood clots, artery clots, and many more clots and sicknesses that you get when eating highly processes foods.
It doesn't even need to be highly processed, it can just have high fructose corn syrup or high glucose corn syrup, both are so dangerous, that when you eat, them they build up in your stomach, arteries, and all the other places you can think of.
Yes, we still go out to eat and have fun, but we look where we eat and make sure that it's safe for the most part. We do sometimes get non-organic things to eat, but we always still look at the ingredients; oops, there we go again acting like normal orthorexics. Momentary pause, that word-orthorexia/orthorexics, doesn't even even exist because mum's mac is saying that it's spelled wrong. Ha! We make sure it doesn't have anything to do with HFCS, HGCS, any dextrine, dextrose, or anything that pretty much rhymes with gross or sounds gross.
"HFCS delivers a double danger to sugar." -Bill Samba, BS, MBA, "The Double Danger of High Fructose Corn Syrup"

You should read the article "The Double Danger of High Fructose Corn Syrup" to get a lot of good facts, these facts will show you what you are missing when you abandon all these nasty additives and other sorts. I scanned through it a bit, and well, I figured out what fun things I am missing when I started eating organic.

On to the the Teen Vogue article, another quote that makes absolutely no sense-
"When a person refuses to eat anything perceived as unhealthy, it is a
problem." - Tara Gidus, R.d., an Orlando, Florida-based National
Spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

This in my opinion makes no sense at all, I mean what??? So when you eat unhealthy that's healthy? Right. The article also notes something of teenagers, mostly girls, becoming obsessed with eating organic. I am NOT completely sure if it implies that this is unhealthy, or an 'okay' thing. Then it jumps to another thing of completely avoiding certain food groups. This article does not stay on track of whatever hazardous eating method it's talking about; when it all comes down, the writer pins it on eating healthy and makes them take the blame.

"There's nothing wrong with eating junk food once in awhile," -Susan S.
Bartell, Psy.D.., a psychologist specializing in girls, and author of Dr. Susan's Girls-Only Weight
Loss Guide (Parent Positive Press).

Here's the deal people, walk into any Central Market, Whole Foods, Sprouts, or anything that has healthy foods and find you can get healthy "junk food." I once ate brownies at my friend's house, and I look on the bag and it has a Central Market logo and is USDA Organic qualified, and it tasted way better; I didn't have this nasty, gaunky feeling in my throat afterwards.
My mum was saying no wonder that America has one of the, if not the, highest obesity rates in the world; everyone is out blaming the people who want to eat better and making them feel bad and guilty and saying they are the ones who need the help. Tsk Tsk America!
Then in the very last sentence, it tells you that eating healthy is good, as long as you don't take it too far. Last I checked, if you were really eating healthy, then there technically wouldn't be a thing like taking it too far. The whole article, doesn't make any sense, and they are the professional writers.

DISCLAIMER- I am an not a real writer, nor a journalist; I am uneducated in anything health related. I am not a food or a health expert. I am just blogging.

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