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Friday, September 19, 2008

Great Denim for a Little Less

I love denim, it's in my interests, but not everyone can spend $500 on a pair of jeans . There are great jeans out there for half the price that are famous with even celebrities. As well as climbing--if not having comfortable spots--in the denim industry. What separates denim from other clothing is that they are comfortable, versatile , yet still can look chic with the right things put together. Here is a list of the few brands out there that I like that aren't comparatively expensive (they may be in the hundred dollar price range but have jeans under $145).

J Brand's very first cropped stretch jean is only $113.30,
the next one is the same one in white. very cute

I love Denimology because they have only denim and have a wide arrange of good brands (quality, not famous) from all price ranges.

Well it's time for me to go to sleep, tomorrow I will pick a few of my fave's from each brand above.
Ahhhh, I'm starting to get my dark circles again, better go now before a graveyard shift develops.


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