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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Great Denim for a Little Less con...

In my previous post, I made a list of brands that I like that have jeans under $145, which is comparatively cheaper. So today I am posting a few of my fave's from each brand here. I would put pictures but it got too complicated.

18th Amendement

1)18th Amendmeent Hayworth Lean Straight Leg- $63.60

2)18th Amendment Colbert High Waist Flare Jean-$65.40

3)18th Amendment West Bogan Short Shorts-$59.40

4)18th Amendment Bacall True High Waist Short-$115.50

Armani Exchange

1)Black Wings-Logo Jean-$115.00

2)Electric Blue Sequin Jean-$115.00

3)Coated High Waist Jean-$115.00

4)Rinse Skinny Jean-$98.00

5)High-Waist Pencil Skirt-$98.00

6)Ultra High-Rise Skinny Jeans was-$115.00 now-$80.00

Banana Republic

1)Classic Medium Wide-Leg Jean-$89.00

Cheap Monday

1)Cheap Monday Sky Jean in OD Turkos-$65.00

2)Cheap Monday Tight Jean in Green Grey Slub-$65.00

3)Cheap Monday Between Satin in Dark Slate-$65.00

4)Cheap Monday Tight in Cheap Unwash-$65.00

5)Cheap Monday V-Fit in Unwash-$65.00

6)Cheap Monday Tight in Very Stretch in One Wash-$65.00

7)Cheap Monday Zip Low in Dry Grey-$65.00

Freedom of Choice

1)Freedom of Choice Fuseau Stirrup Pant in Blvd. Nights Out-$125.00

2)Freedom of Choice Lollapalooza "Victory" Skinny in Dark Halo-$128.00

3)Freedom of Choice Victoria Short-$121.00

4)Freedom of Choice Woodstock "1977" Jean in Modelo-$?

5)Freedom of Choice Veronique Short in Ohh La La-$121.00

Good Society

1)Good Society Straight in Eleanor Electric Blue-$53.00

2)Good Society Slim Leg Jeans in Alvin/Jeannette/Brittany-$109.00

Hudson Jeans

1)Hudson Jeans Pleated High Waist Short-$143.00

2)Hudson Jeans Scout Pleated Short in Eternal-$143.00

3)Hudson Jeans Dark Wash Stretch Sailor Jeans-$84.99

J Brand

1)J Brand Cropped Stretch Jean-$111.30

2)J Brand Loevstory Low Rise Bell Bottom Jean-$125.30

3)J Brand Black Label Lovestory Bell Bottom Jean-$130.00

4)"J Brand 12""Pencil Leg Stretch Jean-$115.50

5)J Brand Cuff Short-$141.00

6)"J Brand High Rise 16" "Leg in Inigo"-$47.00

7)"J Brand 22""Lovestory in Charcoal"-$125.00

8)"J Brand 10""Skinny in Gray"-$79.00

8)"J Brand 12""Pencil in Gray"-$79.00

9)"J Brand 12""Pencil in Gingerbread"-$79.00

10)"J Brand 12""Pencil in Champagne"-$79.00

11)"J Brand 12""Pencil in Pavement"-$79.00

12)"J Brand 14""Cigarette in Champagne"-$111.00

13)J Brand Delta Paperbag Waist in Indigo-$120.00

14)"J Brand Kass Super High Rise Belted 27""Wide Leg in Ice"-$138.00

15)"J Brand 12" Pencil in Natural

16)J Brand Natural/Black Stretch Slim Pencil Leg Jeans-$74.99

Kira Plastinina

1)3-Button Classic Denim-$68.00

2)Classic Denim-$68.00

3)Straight Jeans-$58.00


1)Super Hi Rise Skinny Jeans-$98.00

2)Ultra Low Skinny 521-$69.50

Naked and Famous

1)Naked and Famous SkinnyGirl Stretch Jeans in Black/Indigo-$115.00

Paige Premium Denim

1)Paige Denim Roxbury Jean-$123.20

2)Paige Denim Benedict Canyon Bootcut Jean-$123.20

3)Paige Premium Canyon Shorts in Dark Resin Rinse-$83.00

4)Paige Premium Denim Blue Heights Skinny in Supernatural-$85.00

5)Paige Premium Denim Skyline Drive Peg in Point Dume-$85.00

Sassa & Bide

1)Sass & Bide Light Blue Denim High Waist Mini Skirt-$124.99

2)Sass & Bide Light Blue Stretch 'Frayed Misfits' Skinny Jeans-$79.99

3)Sass $ Bide Pink Stretch 'Frayed Misfits' Skinny Jeans-$79.99


1)Black Martha Jean-35 English pounds

2)High Waist Skinny Jean in Red-40 English punds

3)High Waist Skinny Jean in Blue-40 English pounds

I like more of them but the mac wouldn't load the web page and started to have some problems.

Urban Outfitters

1)Silence and Noise Skinny Overall-$88.00

2)BDG Skinny Jean-$54.00

Something went wrong with the last two brands and so they and this is being linked to the brand's website, this is probably being linked to Urban Outfitters.

Well, I posted all the styles that caught my eye, then I looked the price to make sure they were under $145 =)

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