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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Teen Vogue...missing

I today went over to where we used to live with my mum to pick up her new riding breeches, and found my October issue of Teen Vogue laying on the marble countertop in the lounge. I was excited, but thought it would come to the new apartment. That, however, is not the problem; When mum and I were out at lunch--which was good!-- I figured out that I am missing two issues of Teen Vogue. The August and September issues are nowhere to be found. So...I am thinking that someone took them, but if the person that I think might have taken them, then I don't mind; they need Teen Vogue to help them out. What upsets me is that the guy who owns the whole place, didn't tell me my Teen Vogue was there-it was opened and I know because the the plastic wrap was off. Even though it may not be important to him, it is to me and it's MY mail and he has no right pretending that it's the whole properties to read.

I just thought I had to say this because I was a little upset and Teen Vogue should never be toyed with; especially when other people are paying for it and not you!

Mum wants to get on to do something, well it is her Mac...
Nighty night

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