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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Die Polyvore

So I was just surfing through the web on how to dress like Mary Kate -long story- and I came across this wonderful website called Polyvore. I don't know how I have never heard of this before, and I don't know how I have survived before Polyvore, but it it awesome! I am not quite sure that it was made for fashion people in mind, or just to make online collages; but it can trick you into thinking it had people like me in mind. Well, most people do use it to make stuff about fashion.
They have these things called "sets" that you can drag-n-drop to make collages. They have a sidebar on the website that already has a lot of clothes on there; but if that's not enough, you can "import" other clothes/accessories etc. onto the website using the "clipper." The stuff that you import goes under the 'My Items' tab. The tabs are located on the sidebar thing and that is where it also has the 'All Items' tab. Under that tab is all the other stuff people have imported, and you can use all of that stuff as well. You can narrow your searches by colour, types, dresses, jeans, and so forth.
You can also browse through other people's sets. You can chose whether you like it or now, as well as buy the stuff, or use the stuff for your own set. How I actually found out about the place was when I was looking for Mary Kate and Rachel Zoe (yes, I'm still obsessed with her) inspired outfits.
It's really a great and fun place. I have only had an account for maybe two hours, but I am already addicted. It brings everyone's fashion sense forward. You can do a lot of stuff with Polyvore. I have seen some collages that are more than just for fashion. One that I saw was a collage of McCain and Pallin, and another was for some beach-y place. I am making a collage myself, and then I think I am going to go to bed. I was eating, so then I just decided why not?
It's really focused on Rachel Zoe's amazing style, though it doesn't have a Rachel Zoe pic on there. Well, I will get back to trying to make it look great; and while I'm at that, go check out Polyvore!

-with love Rebekka

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