"Fashion will always be my drug, horses will always my high, art will always be my excitement, and God will always be my calm; they will always go together and cannot be broken apart. "

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So Little Time

Seems like lately I have been barely posting anything, maybe because it's true. I assure you however, that I will continue to post things. It's just so many things are going on right now that I barely have time to eat. I am getting things back on track and re-prioritizing so that I can have some room left for fun, which includes blogging. I have so much I would love to blog about, and I will, but just after I figure some things out. I will try to post more, after all, this blog just started. How lame of me if I don't post on a baby blog!? Well anyways, I have to go. If I can't go to sleep, and doing schoolwork doesn't do it, I will come research and write. =)
Nighty night!

-with love Rebekka

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