"Fashion will always be my drug, horses will always my high, art will always be my excitement, and God will always be my calm; they will always go together and cannot be broken apart. "

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Looking Better & Art

So the other day I was thinking to myself, and, I am going to start taking better care of myself. Not that I don't already, but I am going to start caring about myself more. Not in the bad selfish way, but thinking more what's good for my hair, what kind of make-up am I putting on. I already do that, but I feel like I need to do that more. Like styling my hair, I don't want it to be just straight and down all the time. That gets boring. I think I am going to buy some hair rollers or curlers or whatever so that my hair can be curly sometimes. Have those nice, big curls that I love seeing on TV. Now with my hair getting longer in the fun way, I can do more, and I will.
I am going to start wearing make-up again, not just the regular lip gloss or lip plumper, but make-up. For awhile, I just left that alone because I wanted my face to get better, and it has. So no I can be that make-up wearing chick again. Of course, not too much in the freaky way. Just the normal way. Also, on a night out, I will be more creative.
To me, make-up is art, just like writing is art, photography is art-duh-and fashion is art, dressage is art. And I love art. So when putting make-up on my face, I'm not thinking about looking younger, I'm always thinking art. Of course I make sure that it's appropriate, but art. And I want my face to be art again, you get what I'm saying?
I also think of my hair as art, in whichever for that it is. The styles, the textures, the colours-art. I don't want to just stick my hair in a ponytail all the time. Even if it's simple, I want it to be gorgeous, in more ways than one.
I'm an artist, at least that's what I'm told, and that's how I think. Like an artist, so I see things differently. I look at a lot of stuff in an artsy manner, not simple, but artsy. Which is very creative, big, bold, and out there. Whether it may be out there in a simple form, or complicated form. Artsy manner. Yeah, that's it, that's how I will describe it. So in order for me to start looking better at looking better, I have to think of my my hair, make-up, everything as art.

-with love Rebekka

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