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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ms. Rachel Zoe

photo courtesy of style.com more Rachel Zoe pictures at style.com here
I don't know if you have lately heard about Rachel Zoe's new show on BravoTv, The Rachel Zoe Project, but I have. And I am a huge fan, as well as being a fan of Rachel Zoe. But immediately upon googling her name, I read nothing but negative stuff. I don't even have to Google anything negative, it just comes up with her name. And let me say, it makes me mad! Ms. Zoe does have an amazing sense of style, that's why she is the top stylist out there. I think one main reason people are attacking her is because they envy her, as well as just don't understand fashion. Next time when thinking about criticizing this amazing talent, ask yourself why you don't have her job. Ms. Zoe's style is amazing! She's exactly who I think of when I would want to describe my sense of style.
Also, for those people who are complaining about her charging as much as she does, have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, she does have to buy clothes with that money. Designer clothing, and vintage, that costs a lot of money. In case you haven't realized, clothes do cost money. So it's not like she just collects the money like she collects her "Birks."
I just wanted to express my opinions about how I feel about this gossip about her; and how I feel about her and her style. I have a lot more on my mind, but I don't want to just throw them all in one post to overwhelm you. I am very opinionated, so expect to hear more from me about this topic. I love Rachel Zoe, her style, her show, and when I buy her book, I will love that too.

-with love Rebekka

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