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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Puppy That We Rescued

When I went to check the mail, I saw something brown and furry moving around the corner. I took a closer look, and there it was, a scared, shivering, flea infested, cappuccino brown puppy. So as my mum was backing up the car, I signaled to her that there was an abandoned puppy around the corner. Luckily right as I locked the mail thing again, she walked out, talking smoothly in a comforting voice. As she slowly walked, she signaled, and I realized, go around the corner. As I was nearing the the waddling puppy, mum quickly picked up the pup. She examined her, looking at the coat, the belly, the poor thing's eyes, realizing that she has worms and is a complete stray. She went to the office to ask if maybe, some how, it is anyone's dog; she just got a sad story of how the pup was found near the highway and how the manager took her, and put her on the grass. So when my mum came back with the puppy in hand, I knew, we would have something to do with this puppy's journey to a better life.
We brought him home, gave him a good detailed bath getting all those nasty critters out, and then we just showed her some love.

At the moment, she is in mum's bath tub sleeping and sometimes grunting just because she is a cute puppy. Sadly enough, tomorrow she will go for another journey as she will be picked up by the pound. She is very adoptable, however, and doesn't bite or tried to. I am guessing it's because she's so young, and therefore hasn't experienced the cruelties of this world, so she's not in a defensive mood all the time. She's cute, reminds me of our former dog Reksi, very timid, pleasing attitude.

I am still glad however that I got to take part in helping a dog. =)

-with love Rebekka

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