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Friday, March 20, 2009

A Side of Shoulder Pads Please?

So as many of  you know, or don't know, shoulder pads are coming back "in style," as well as band jackets. Of course a lot more, but these are two that I guess I'm really attracted to. I'm not one to follow trends, neither am I someone who always gets caught up in them. If it's in, great! if not, I still wear it with pride. Great pride

I still don't go around in Harem pants, because well, let's just not talk about that. 

I do still like to see what's happening, don't get me wrong; but I don't dictate what I wear totally by that. I buy what I like, quality in mind of course, and wear it. I do still buy things because they may be "in," but once they are out, I don't immediately throw it out. Ok, I think I know where I'm going with this... The Land of Babble. SO, let me get to the point. 

Shoulder pads are back in style, and I like them. 

photo sources (from left):: The Sartorialist on style.com; Marc Jacobs 'o9 Fall RTW( both) on style.com; aaannnnd Face Hunter.

I noticed a lot of 80's style in Marc Jacobs 'o9 Fall RTW. Which was all very cool, oh, and colourful! HA!

I know, I know I might be a little late in posting all of this. Better late than never, no?

My encounter with shoulder pads? Well, that happened in Texas. One day when I was hanging out with a friend, we went to Goodwill and that's where the magic happened. She pointed me to this really nice red and white striped jacket with really pretty buttons (I like buttons, pretty ones of course. Let's not forget unique). At first I was like eeeehhhh, but then I started to actually see the jacket. So of course, I bought it. And guess what!? It has some really great shoulder pads. It is a bit too big, technically, but I love it! I don't really want to alter it or anything, because I think that's what makes it the jacket it is on me. Oh, and it's by Jones New York. 

I also bought another piece that has shoulder pads. It's a button down shirt with sailing-ish stuff on it like boats, and ropes, and those round life circle doughnut things. It's also a really nice fabric, but I can't exactly tell because all of the writing on the tag is in like Japanese or Chinese or something, can't tell the difference. But I love it! Oh, and the same friend picked it out for me. 

with love Rebekka

currently listening to- Meu Samba Torto by Celso Fonseca. 

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La Couturier said...

I'm loving the shoulder pads like in Balmain!

La C.