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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sweet Home Arizona

Currently we are driving through Phoenix, Arizona right now. Not exactly home, but for tonight, we will call it that. Tonight is the last night we have to stay at a hotel before California. Can anyone say whoot whoot!? However, the journey has not ended. Hmm.... What do I think of that? 

More fun road trip! 

I started the road trip out by reading the March 2009 Elle issue, which I liked. A lot! But I guess a girl can only take so much of gorgeous gowns and other dreamy things realizing that she can't buy them immediately. *Sigh*  

I did figure out though, that I like Elle magazine a lot more than American Vogue. Really. So I'm going to subscribe since I like Elle so so very much. Every time that I tried subscribing to American Vogue, I always had this little resistence thing going on, but with Elle, it was like yes! "Doit" as my friend Bridgette would say. So I will. I am also going to subscribe to Paris Vogue, lovely. I know, how did I EVER survive without Paris Vogue!? But the thing is, I didn't. Neither do I know how I have survived without Elle. But I guess I have to put that into the past, and move forward by taking care of it. 

my picks from the
Versace Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear Collection courtesy of Style.com

Donatella Versace

with love Rebekka

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