"Fashion will always be my drug, horses will always my high, art will always be my excitement, and God will always be my calm; they will always go together and cannot be broken apart. "

Sunday, April 26, 2009

About the Blog

"Fashion will always be my drug, and horses will always my high. "
A blog about my inspirations, my daily musings, my style, photography (since I do, after all, want to be a photographer), and the realm between reality and what or who we want to be having to do with fashion and all things related. Of course I incorporate all the other things that make up my life, like horses (most def!), music, art but it all goes together.

Fashion at first glance to an unknowing person is vain. They think, and think they know, that all fashion is about is clothes, accessories, models, other pretty people, and so forth. However, once they actually step into fashion (meaning the world of fashion), they realize fashion is more than surface level, because fashion is more! They realize fashion is a lifestyle.
Fashion is customizable, and not just with our clothes. Fashion is what sets us apart, and brings us together. Coco Chanel's quote is so true about what fashion is and her quote shouldn't be taken light-heartedly. I believe fashion is simply fashion. So when I say this blog is about fashion, it is.

with love Rebekka

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