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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fashionably Correct- Women in Politics Who Never Failed to Take a Look in the Mirror

They may have been in politics, but the following women made room for their other priorities as well- fashion and being stylish. Whether they set trends, or emphasized them, they were always spotted looking their very best. Who said being in politics meant you had to look like a frump? 


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, AKA Jackie O. Jackie O. might have been The First Lady, but to the world of fashion, she was a style icon. She made the trend before she set the trend if you know what I mean. She was known for her large sunnies, clean cut suits, and Hermes scarves. Her style was more conserved during the campaign period, but she sped ahead when the fashions started to change. Nowadays, young women everywhere copy her style head-to-toe. Who can blame them? She knew how to keep it classy -without being boring- and elegant.

Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. Big dresses and even bigger parties is what is most often depicted of her, I don't understand why this is a bad thing? I love dresses, and I love cake. Oh, wait! She did have a country to run but why should that stop her from having fun? Maybe she could have toned the partying to a minimum considering her country needed her, but I'm not here to judge. Non the less, she was fabulous and is part of my inspiration for my birthday bash (BTW- my actual bday happens to be tomorrow). Marie Antoinette is the inspiration for such a wide variety of things, also appearing in pop culture all the time. 

Queen Silvia of Sweden. I haven't heard much of her, but from the photos that I have been scanning through these past couple days I know I like her style. A "little birdie" told me about her and that she is "known for her great style." I might just be ignorant of this, or it could be due to the fact that over here in the U.S. we don't much info on such things. From what I can tell, she normally wears classic skirt suits; but oh boy when she dresses up in a gown its glam time! 

Cecilia Attias. So what she's not the First Lady of France anymore, she used to be, and that's when she attracted my attention. Her style is not very hard. I want to say it's very pretty, because it is, but I'm talking about a pretty that's really easy. Even when she's spotted in regular shoes and jeans, she looks pretty, you know?

Michelle Obama, First Lady of United States of America. I like that she keeps her style simple and doesn't flaunt her money on clothes that cost more than a house per piece, especially during our economic times. Have  you noticed how she wears the same pearls to a lot of different occasions? I think that spells out respect to the countries economy.  I also like that she is supporting a young designer -Jason Wu- instead of having her whole wardrobe full of big fashion houses. She keeps it classy and modern. I like her pearls, too. Will she take the fashion world by storm? They're saying she already has. 

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, First Lady of France. All I can say is I love her and her style! Of course she has great style, she is after-all a former model. Duh. She keeps it simple and I read that she wears tees and jeans "around the house." I like listening to her and I like looking at her, she's got a pretty face. Her and Michelle Obama are 'dangerous'!

BTW- They were not put in any specific order, I just put them as I pulled up the pictures. 

image sources- pretty much google. So easy! Ha! 

with love Rebekka

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