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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Colour Red

Roses, dresses -particularly Valentino gowns, lips, nails, hair -these are all things that are loved when they come in RED! They say that red is the colour of love, boldness, feistiness and passion. My theory? What they say is absolutely correct.
Red roses I believe show love, or if a girl is on a date when the guy brings them to her, maybe that shows that he's passionate about being with her? I'm no expert on men, but that's what I would think if I were the lucky lady.
Red is beautiful and bold and I believe a woman in a red dress is worth looking up to; she must be pretty sure of herself to wear such a strong colour. That's why every time I see this drop dead gorgeous woman in a red dress, I know I want to be her in twenty-something years.
Now I am a little nervous about putting on red lipstick, but I know one day I shall accomplish this goal of mine. When I see my mother with red lipstick on, it brings this new beauty to her (she's already beautiful BTW, we Scandinavians are beautiful creatures) that I like seeing, but only every now and then. I think that only certain people should opt for the red lips look, not everyone can pull it off. I believe this is one thing you can either make or break.
Red nail polish is something that I have tried out many times before. It gives me this sense of empowerment, really, it does. Red nail polish is more subtle in my opinion, the nails are not what people first look to. The first time I did paint my nail red I was worried. I got over it as soon as I saw how pretty my nails looked.
Red heads. Ahhh. red heads. Feisty. Feisty. Feisty is what I can come up with. My mother has red hair (naturally blonde, but haven't seen her natural hair colour in years) and I believe when she has red hair it's a better explanation for her feisty personality. I know many other people as well who have red hair and have feisty souls that accompany their bodies. It applies to horses as well. Horses with red coats are the feistier horses who are sure of themselves. Their personality is a lot stronger as well- horses and humans both.
Then again, people who are able to wear the colour red I believe has this assurance to themselves anyways.

Why is it that Valentino gowns have a certain red? Has anyone else noticed that or am I just super obsessed with Valentino and his gowns? When you look through his collections, and see his red gowns (they may not even be gowns but just regular skirt suits), it's as if he has his own red colour. You look at other designer's collections and even their red isn't like Valentino's red. Am I over thinking this? I don't think so because even my mother noticed it and she said his red gowns look passionate and have a very passionate red. Or has everyone else already noticed this and said something and I'm just late? I have noticed before, but since I'm doing a post on red, I thought why not? Either way, I think Valentino has his own red.

Red is a bold colour and shouldn't be feared. However, if your going to take on the colour, you should be ready for it.

image source- style.com, weheartit, and Google.

with love Rebekka


La Couturier said...

I've noticed it too! It's such a gorgeous red! Not one of those obnoxious reds, or a pink-y red, or too orange-y, but just a rich, jewel tone red. It's so beautiful.

And I love red; perhaps it's because I'm an Aries & it's "my" color? I love wearing it on my nails, or dresses, or lipstick! =] And red has been proven to be a confidence booster!

La C.

nuha nuha said...

ah i love love red!! hahaha i notice that most of the pictures in your header are from my blog! i love you for that!!

thanks for the comment ma belle!

bisous! ;]