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Monday, April 20, 2009

When there is no cake, I want Lulu Frost!

Certain dresses, victorian inspired stuff, ruffles, certain colours, pearls, Rachel Leigh - all of them make me crave a really nice, decadent cake. Why do so many things make me want cake? I am now able to add Lulu Frost to the collection of 'pretty things that make me want cake.' 
Maybe because ever since I watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and their pitch line for those gorgeous jewels was "frosting." 

Good frosting= good cake, no? Frosting also comes in many colours that are decadent, and certain jewels hold these decadent colours. Are colours even able to be decadent? Oh geez-loeez I will work myself into a tizzy thinking about this. 

"Ladies! Frost yourselves" was what Mathew McConaughey's character "Ben" shouted out the window of what I believed to be his workspace. 

Lulu Frost's jewels are these gorgeous, beautiful pieces that make you want a certain lifestyle, whilst at the same time make you feel beautiful as who you are. Her collections are so different, but there is this beauty -and of course her chain, ribbon, and other key things- that bind them together. With her stuff, there is no certain collection, or even piece, that I can say "I want that more than the other." I think this time, something might be impossible -making those words come out of my mouth. I simply love A L L

Image source:: GoogleImages

Mayne! How I wish money grew on tress... Oh wait! It does- it's paper. =P 
No, no, I wish money grew on trees in that way. 

Video source:: NylonMagazinTV

Ladies, take Mathew McConaughey's advice and "go frost yourselves!" 

with love Rebekka

p.s. I think the word "ice" or "icing" might work as well. mmmm! Icing. delish! There is a fine jewelry designer called Ice. 


lacouturiernyc said...

I remember seeing those designs! =] I love the number necklaces; so delicate!

La C.

echi said...

i love necklace so made, i made a pair of it, hmmm