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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Here They Are, There They Go

So I think it was Wednesday (?) maybe when my mother's aunt - Annaliisa- gave my mother and me some really great clothes that she found in her closet and wanted out. So we pretty much started out the morning trying on St. John, yes! St. John! I really didn't know the brand, I have heard people mention it here and there previously but I didn't know what it was. Annaliisa had mentioned  about St. John when noticing some characters from different TV shows wearing the St. John brand. The thing she always mentioned was the St. John knitted wool wrapped in silk and how that and how they did it was unique. I didn't really understand it really until after that splendid morning (it was more like afternoon). The pieces that she gave us were from the more classic line that prides itself on knitted wool and silk. 
My mother got maybe four or five ensembles that were made from that knitted wool, and I got four really nice button-down shirts that are 100% pure silk

Instead of just talking about these wonderful clothing items, why not show you? Yes! I took pictures just to share my happiness with you. I only took photographs of what I got - I want my mother's permission before I go messing with her new clothes. 

Note:: Images taken by me! 

This first picture of the blouse doesn't really do justice to the blouse's colour, it's more of a teal than a blue.

She also gave both of us really nice long leather coats that didn't fit for her or for her daughter anymore. They are different, but have similar characteristics. They will be perfect for that November winter weather in New York! Burrrr! 

with love Rebekka

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