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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pink, White, and Black-Our New Colours

Watching the Boys & Girls video, I was not only completely smitten with the location, sound, and the fact that Jean Paul Gaultier had something to do with it, but furthermore seeing that the clothes are simply (and I mean simply seeing as they are simple yet elegant) splendid. Owing to the simple truth that I quite love fashion and music and love putting the two-and-two together, I decided to make clothes inspire by the looks from the video.

The clothes on the people themselves were all black and white but in between shots you are clearly able to see gorgeous shades of pink clothing on racks or being tested. This, in turn, gives the video a pop of colour. I wanted to incorporate these same pops of colour and put them into the outfit itself.

The Essentials: A well-heeled shoe and a pretty black bra peeking through takes the button down from established classic to a very sensuous, still elegant shirt. Opaque tights keep the levels of mysterious sensuality and masculine classy balanced. A leather glove adds a nice hint of chic edge.

1)Piped Lace Balconette Bra at Topshop-$28.00
3)80 Denier Opaques at Topshop-$12.00
4)ASOS Leather Studded Fingerless Glove in the style of Lady Gaga at ASOS-$30.78

Though there was no blazer on Martina in the video, I thought it would be a nice touch, completing the outfit all together. The tank tops were neither on Martina but they come from those pretty little pink things being seen here and there being pulled around on the racks. They also come in handy if you don't feel comfortable having just a bra peeking through. The pink all-around gives the outfit a nice pop of colour. Hotpants, not sure if I would wear them, but if you are brave enough, the sequined ones give a little shimmy shimmy to the look. Besides looking great, the belt really just pulls the whole outfit together adding some structure.

1)Jersey Boyfriend Blazer at Topshop-$100.00
2)Premium Boyfriend Blazer at Topshop-$125.00
5)Theory Rialet wool-blend blazer at Net-A-Porter-$395
6)Long Sleeved Star Detail Shirt at Topshop-$30.00
7)Ruche Sleeved Shirt at Topshop-$36.00
9)ASOS Men's Style Striped Shirt in the style of Rihanna at ASOS-$47.88
10)White Wing Collar Oxford Shirt at Topman-$50.00
12)Muscle Back Vest at Topshop-$20.00
13)Basic V Neck Vest at Topshop-12.00
14)Cotton Lycra Tunic at Topshop-$24.00
15)Plain Scoop Vest at Topshop-$12.00
16)Plain Scoop Vest in white at Topshop-$12.00
17)Muscle Back Vest in white at Topshop-$12.00
18)Crumpet Cashmere Top at Net-A-Porter-$230.00
19)Spandex Hotpant at Topshop-$30.00
20)Plain Sequined Highwaisted at Topshop-$50.00
21)Multi Elastic Corset Belt at Topshop-$44.00
22)Wide Waist Buckle Belt at Topshop-$50.00

with love Rebekka


Dallas Shaw said...

great pink blazer


Kay said...

hey i'm running a competition for a balmain-eqsue jacket with chickdowntown.com - it might interest you (:

p.s. love topman shirts - just as good as topshop ones and half the price

La Couturier said...

I love it all! Topshop is love; I cannot wait to go shopping there next weekend! (:

Do enter my Current/Elliott jeans giveaway here (http://lacouturiernyc.wordpress.com/2009/07/25/a-one-year-celebration-giveaway/. Simply write your own "petite novella" (or short fashion fiction) about the outfit you/a character would wear incorporating those jeans & leave it in the comments! Have fun, be creative - you have a week! It can be a sentence long, or a few paragraphs! I would loooove to read your entry!

La C.