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Friday, August 7, 2009

Eloise is Back! And All Grown Up!

In the Elle US August 2009 issue the "Little Miss Precious" editorial photographed by Ellen von Unwerth captured my eye the most and made me drool. It is almost as if they are trying to depict Eloise all grown up; yet a tad naughty. The model, or Ellen von Unwerth's muse Kemp Muhl, really tells and brings the story well. She is quite posh, precious, and prim and proper; and looking at the set, patterns, girl, clothes, colours, one would be able to determine this as well. However, I feel like Ellen von Unwerth turned it up a notch with disorientating or disorganizing the whole image; like going beyond the prim and proper. I believe the angles Ellen von Unwerth shot from also helped in this process. I just love the angles.

Favorite shots:

image srouce: FashionGoneRogue >>Editorials >> Elle US "Little Miss Precious"

with love Rebekka

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bryna said...

yay, i love this editorial, especially the photo with the bike!