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Monday, August 31, 2009

Embracing Femininity

So, life is life and it has been hectic! Living out of a suitcase is not the easiest task in the world. However, I am here to discuss fashion, not my life except for the little glimpses I might show here and there.

Despite everything I love my life and I love the people in my life and the people that have come into my life.

For sometime now I have been trying to embrace my femininity and who I am as a female; doing so, I am working on stepping out of the normal, yet cute tank top and blue skinny jeans and transform my outfits into a more delicate and in a way, costume-type world. When shopping and even going through my own suitcase I have noticed that I have a gigantic fear of colour. Ruffles on a black blouse do not fret me but oh! when it just might be a boisterous red or a sleek blue I get just a little anxious. I am getting better but with my closet consisting of more grays, blacks, browns, and those sorts of colours it is obvious I am still in a little trouble. Embracing our own femininity doesn't only consist of vivid colours, but being feminine with our clothes is so much more - something I am also hoping to work on. And with fall almost visible in some areas vibrant colours are just not the case. Here in Los Angeles it might be able to pull off however LA is not the only destination there is. Femininity can still be embraced with darker colours. Doing so, the clothing should be accompanied by a certain attitude; clothes are little without the right attitude. Ruffles, pleats, eccentric dresses, sleek pants, pretty blouses - all can be in any array of darker colours; yet still remain ultimately feminine.

That being said femininity should be embraced in some form by every woman. I am not saying every woman has to put on that costume dress in a showy pink but who we are as women should not be let go.

source: Shopbop 'Runway To Shopbop' Designer: Alice + Olivia
collage owned and created by Rebekka of rebavanity lifestyle

So remember to embrace your femininity. Whether in small doses or large doses femininity is something beautiful.

with love Rebekka

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