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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Girl Who Made the Jeans, A Petite Novella

A girl of 23, fresh out of college with a degree in communications, Sonja is an agreeable girl; however, there is always a mysterious shadow attached to her that lurks around the corner, which no one can identify until they get close to this woman of intrigue. Sonja dresses and behaves in a very classy and chic manner, and her fashion sense goes along with her grand looks. She is a girl who strongly believes in smart shopping which allows her to not have her closet overrun by trends, nor have the credit debt of Rebecca Bloomwood whilst having beautiful staples. No doubt she pays attention; how could one not when attempting to live in a whirlwind of fashion?

Smelling mango with a slight hint of hemp, Sonja had, indeed, woken up with her face in her Friesian-like hair, again. She bounced up with an energetic spring, and gave serious thought on leaving the apartment in her silk pajamas; realizing this was no option, Sonja walked to her wardrobe in desperate search of real clothes. Today she was somewhat off from work, whilst still having to complete a few glamorous tasks. Wanting to represent her boss in the best of ways, she knew it would not be appropriate to don too casual attire that day. As she was shuffling through her expansive collection of pants, Sonja finally realized the only pair of pants capable of holding up to this pressure while keeping her own look would be her Current/Elliot “the Legging” jeans. So of course, Sonja slipped the jeans up her lanky legs without hesitation. Now that her foundation was completed, she was able to continue building the rest of today’s house; seemingly, everything started to fall perfectly into place. She spotted her Asos pleat sleeve V-neck sweater and knew the next step. With her jeans being black, and her only being 5’4, Sonja wanted her legs to keep going; with this, she slipped her size 8 feet into her Christian Louboutin very prive satin pumps. She quickly hunted for those prepossessing black earrings from Asos she saw on their “Oh So Coco” page, rummaged through her ring collection for those random cocktail rings from chickdowntown.com, quickly put on one of her many Alex and Chloe necklaces, and finally snatched her Marc Jacobs Cecilia studded satchel. Glancing in her full length Victorian mirrior, Sonja loved the way the purple Marc Jacobs bag complimented her black foundation - her Current/Elliot jeans - as this bag would fall against her thighs with her arm hanging low. She decided to smooth, but not brush her hair; and as always, applied minimal make up. For Sonja believed a simple smile is capable of wonders make up can never even touch on. Taking a side glance at her brand new Peek beeping with emails on her white bedside table, she finally took note today was still somewhat a work day.

After a hectic day of running about town, hopping from elegant corner boutique to another in dire search of clothes and new collections for her boss, it was the compliments on her jeans rather than handling beautiful clothes that made her day.

“Those jeans make you look taller,” said one stylist.

“You have the legs of a model in those jeans,” said another fashionable lady; and the compliments just kept spilling out from the mouths of these women Sonja herself considered icons. It, indeed, had been one long day filled with flattery. Over what? Over the jeans. Dear Time was now nearing 18:30 and dinner with the beau and his friends was at 19:00. If the taxi and dear Time permitted, Sonja was hoping to quickly slip into a classic body con dress and slip into a night filled with love and laughter. However, city traffic appeared to always be dear Time’s nemesis. Arriving to the apartment a tad shy of 19:00, Sonja knew a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

“My dear Sonja, your knight is almost at the cross street, ready?” Her charming and rudely gorgeous beau had texted her. Of course! Because like a good girl, Sonja planned her back up ensemble in the waiting taxi. Slipping into a more feminine top, her Vivienne Westwood Gold Label corseted silk top, Sonja had a few more tweaks up her sleeve. The shoes were staying, and of course the jeans, for only thing to alternate would be her necklace and bag. She took off her previous necklace, and put on her present from that darling beau, a black Kenneth Jay Lane flower necklace. Remembering to substitute her more subtle black leather Chanel 2.55 for that Marc Jacobs, Sonja was almost set for launch. She just needed to transfer her Peek, Nokia, and a few cosmetic items into her purse, feed her amazingly adorable Yorkie, Marc (after Marc Jacobs and Marc St. James from Ugly Betty), and apologize to the beau beforehand over text for being late. Out the door, she took off for the latter part of her exciting day; meeting her boyfriend by the steps of her apartment building.

Thanks to her boss, Giovanna Battaglia, Sonja knew her stuff and how to alternate and transform. More thanks to her jeans, however. The jeans that took her from running around town to going out to dinner. The Current/Elliot jeans were one of Sonja’s many staples, yet they were her favorite. No matter what the day threw at her, Sonja looked quite splendid whenever donning these jeans; they epitomized her style, morphing into whatever the day or her mood was. They allowed Sonja to wear flats, when the rare occasion did come. Sonja loved pretending to be a skyscraper while never forgetting to stay grounded; and these jeans allowed her play on both teams. These jeans held their own while letting Sonja be the young woman she has matured into. Indeed, she made the jeans just as much as the jeans made her.

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with love Rebekka

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