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Sunday, September 13, 2009

So Far in SUCH A Short Time

I keep repeating over and over in my own freaking head "wow, I still cannot believe out of all the places, I live in the beautiful, and quite colourful in all the ways Los Angeles!" It is a surreal thing for me! I moved out of Texas to California as a whole in March, I came to LA every week, but you know, now I actually freaking live here. I go to Hollywood for errands instead of being one of those silly tourists whom I now laugh at when I pass them on the street or in the car. Someone who has lived their whole entire life here may not understand; but for a girl who lived in Texas after moving there from Finland it is a pretty cool thing.

I walk almost everywhere I possibly can unless I will have a lot of groceries or it is further than walking distance. I eat at those cool little restaurants instead of going to a chain restaurant - I still gotta say I love Chili's! I see more colours walking along the sidewalk than I probably ever did going to one of those botanical gardens in Texas. And of course I have to bring up the weather. Despite all the spoiled complaints of these LA peoples, the weather is still pretty nice!

The streetstyle and the people themselves might be one of the things I love best about LA, however. People say the LA style is blah and generic, but walking down the street and around LA one can see this may not be so. It is very eclectic and colourful. I was just discussing with someone the other day how in LA one can pull off the black/white and neutral colour palette so often seen in NYC; but one can also pull of a very colourful and vibrant colour palette here as well. Just the atmosphere, the surroundings, and the location makes this magic happen. The other day I wore purple skinnies, a cute blue blouse, bright green wedges, a red and orange Marimekko handbag, and purple and orange scarves, and everything worked out perfectly.

So yeah, I live and love living in Los Angeles.

It's time to break out my camera and skills along with the camera and start shooting! BTW, I found more film rolls when I was packing things getting ready to move to LA from Ventura, and I believe I have above 14 rolls needing some chemicals and darkness.

Nylon TV

I just love everything about this collection; and honestly, I was getting the whole desert vibe when watching this. Very Erin Wasson!

with love Rebekka

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nuha nuha said...

awww i love that quote below your header, so so true!

chanel yes we adore chanel don't we. it's the epitome of elegance, of poise, the power of women, at least it was during coco chanel's time. now, well to me now, it's more like the flexible side of fashion with karl working behind the label. remember the chanel kits karl had down the runway last time? and the fly fishing rod! chanel shows that in fashion nothing is impossible. it has changed somehow...

gros gros bisous dear :]