"Fashion will always be my drug, horses will always my high, art will always be my excitement, and God will always be my calm; they will always go together and cannot be broken apart. "

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Quickie

Hello, hello!

Apologies for deserting you; cannot promise it will not happen again. Life is just so busy and hectic at the moment. My life has basically consisted of working, school, and starting the barn life again/equestrian. But it's all good when I love what I do, non? Christmas is coming up and I think I am finally getting excited. For the longest time my happiness - not joy, my joy is permanent - was delayed, but it is here. Cirumstances are not what I am used to, they have changed, but I still love Christmas.

Just a little update on how life is, and what I will be doing on rebavanity lifestyle:

As you know, I want to be a writer, and do consider myself an aspiring writer; because of this, I have to prepare and practice - one reason I started this blog. I did write a Novella as an entry for a contest that another blogger was holding while back, however, despite my not winning, I still got motivated to do something. I wrote on a character named Sonja, and am now motivated to continue with that character, and start a series on her. It is fashion; why write on things of which I do not know nor understand?
This is a really fun idea for me as I love to write and I love fashion, I am always looking for ways to combine them; and I love storytelling, but have not had the right motivation, nor the right idea that allowed me to incorporate that.

If you have been reading my tweets, you would have read how I was going through some Elle mags and how I especially loved the September issue of Elle. Here are some pictures I favored from the September Elle '09:
"Remains of the Day" pg. 412-421.
Photographed by Serge Leblon; styled by Samira Nasr.

source: Personally scanned images, I am still new to this and learning how to scan to the max!