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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eating...Yum! &&&The Consequences...

So I was eating this yummy stuff mum made. It was one of those Target ready boxed meals, but honestly, I like them a lot!!! 

Since I am a vegetarian, whenever mum buys something with animal in it, she gets me a smaller box thing with something else yummy. =)) Usually it's this Asparagus Risotto thing, it's my fave. 
Yummy yum!

And so the thing that my mum usually gets that I don't like is this couscous chicken thing. But she keeps the couscous separate. So I like to take the couscous and mix it into the risotto. It absolte delish! 

Only problem is, I ate too much too fast, and we all know that's not good! And the thing is, I am trying to lose a lot of belly weight! A lot! And when you eat too much too fast, it kind of counteracts that. Oh well. However, mum did tell me that by eating it keeps my metabolism and cycle going so I shouldn't quit eating completely. Arhg! 

Oh well, it was still good. I like the taste of food, but the effects are not so favorable. 
You know what they say "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." I absolutely believe that! 
It's so true as well. 

Now I am drinking water and green tea in large amounts. I was eating a candy cane, they make me feel full when I'm not even hungry. 

Well, of to do all the other nothings that need to be done on the blog, and well, just here in this house. 

with love Rebekka

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