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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Am Stuffed

Current 'Model of the Week' Suzie Bird from Paris, France on models.com
photo source::models.com I take no credit for these photographs.

So maybe like at 5:30ish, mum, Mishael, and I left to go out to eat at Red Robin. But!!! We got lost, the directions that mum just wrote down I guess were not that clear. So for like a whole hour (I'm guesstimating) we were driving trying to find out how to get to N. Garland Rd. 
Until, I pulled out my fabulous phone, and begged the Telenav to work, and of course it did. 
I pulled up to/from addresses and mum then knew how to get there, a different way. I guess my phone only guided her. 

Anyhow, the food was yummy like the usual. And I only ate half, because if you have eaten at Red Robin before, you know how big the burgers are. I got the Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger, just with a Gardenburger substitution because I don't eat that. 

I took my camera with me, but I forgot to take pictures. Mainly because maybe, just maybe I was eating and Mishael, well, was Mishael... 

But I used a whole roll of film in the car taking car pictures, I am hoping that they don't turn out ruined. We will see...

So now I am home, comfortable, and drinking tea. Waiting to see the clock go 11:59 to 12:00!
Mum also has a headache, but she decided to stay downstairs and stay up with me as well. 
This New Year's will def be a lot better than last year! I just won't even go there...

So... What was I wearing today when I went out. 
My grey H&M button down V-neck mini dress, Lulu from Pacsun black long tank top, Paris Blues skinnies, H&M white cropped jacket, cappuccino brown low heel ankle boots, and my Teen Vogue corduroy tote bag. 

Currently, however, I am just in the tank top and pajammer pants because I want to be comfortable

wow, that was a long post!

with love Rebekka

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