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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lena W. 3-1-2009

So currently I am sick, really sick! Like as in I haven't been this sick in a long long time! 

But I just wanted to come on and talk a little about the Lena Wedenmark clinic at Libra Farms on Saturaday, January 3, 2009. It was wunderful as always. 

I took a lot two rolls of film with me, which of course means that I snapped a lot of photographs. 
So I will put them up when I get them, hopefully tomorrow. My mother is a sick as well, so I'm not going to rush her to go pick them up. 

I was already starting to get sick then, so I was feeling a bit ugh. But Libra Farms is a wunderful place, so it made things a bit better. =)) And I really mean that. If I were somewhere else that wasn't as peaceful, I would probably just have felt worse. 
All the beautiful horses, and nice people. It's truly a pleasant experience every time. I just hope I can soon find a horse so that I can ride with Ms. Lena again. 

Currently, I am watching 90210, which is sort of making me feel better at the moment. Only thing I still can't stand is Annie and her weird face contortions. Odd! 


clairegrenade said...

Hope you feel better!!

Horse shows are interesting
I love equestrian uniforms

karl's sweet child said...

really cool blog!! love it!