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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chinese Crested vs. Yorkshire Terrier

So as you might know, or not, but I am on the hunt for a dog. Well, really I am on the hunt for the right dog breed, if I get from the breeder I might just rescue and then I won't really care. But anyhow, I am on the hunt. A while ago, I really started looking into the the Yorkshire Terrier breed, researching all the facts, looking into things, you know, the important stuff. 

But before I was too interested in Yorkies, I was really loving the idea of a Chinese Crested. I pretty much obsessed over them, ask my mum or any of my friends. But I then came to realize that with my lifestyle of being at the barn 24/7, literally, I might not want a Chinese Crested according to all the info that I had been reading up on the breed. 

But my love for those dogs never faded, just maybe got a little hidden, but it was still there. 
So of course I was happy about some info my mother had told me about these wonderful little creatures. 

note:: Images found on Google.com

Last fall (2008) she went to this Hanoverian breed inspection with my mum's boss because one of her horses were there. And while there, she happened to meet a lady who breeds Chinese Cresteds and who also had two --I believe-- with her. My mother, being as lovely as she is, asked about them and their skin (remember I like the hairless kind, I find them so adorable!) and health issues, and going to the barn and all that fun information. The lady told her that all that stuff is fret over way too much. She takes them to the barn with her, and as for the skin issues, she puts regular lotions on them, like the natural kinds, and washes them in normal stuff. She said --I believe-- that she doesn't really worry over all that nonesense and they do fine at the barn and overall. My mother told me that the lady is planning to breed again, maybe, and that her boss knows the lady. Need I say more? 

Whatever happens, I still am looking out for this delightful breed. Plus they're rare. Like a Birkin bag, but honestly, better! Because it's a dog. 

So I am on the hunt for a dog. I want a dog. I really want a dog. 

Must. Have. Dog! 

There are also some other dog breeds that I am interested in, but these are really just my two favorites. 

with love Rebekka


♥ fashion chalet said...

aw :] thank you

wasn't she cute though, the cat who stopped by? I hope you get the perfect pet!!! RESCUE. :]


yiqin; said...

I am really scar3ed of dogs. But the second one looks really special!