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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It Came and It Went

So today I tuned it at 7 PM(central I believe) to watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager like I have been for a little bit now and oh! did it dismay! Mum wasn't too canny on what was going on so she made me change, at the time I didn't really appreciate her making me do that, but I got to thinking and then I was glad...

So why didn't even I--me, myself, and I--like what was going on? Oh because of the sex! Huh?! You may be thinking right? Well yeah, they said sex (at the time I was watching, I don't know if the writers felt that it was too much and stopped afterwards because I turned) more in a single word than Carrie Bradshaw ever did in freaking Sex and the City--which BTW I do love. 

So the one scene that made my mum want to turn on was the part where Grace announces that she's going on "the pill", or at least has them to go on. Isn't she supposed to be a Christian? Or actually the whole family? If so, why would her parents give her the "the pill" just because they found out she had condoms? Uhm idk! Wouldn't they have learned from the Amy predicament to uhm, not just go around and do the horizontal tango as I think Dr. McDreamy called it on Grey's Anatomy? I certainly would wait. Even though I already have decided to...

Me, myself being a Christian didn't like how they represented Christians. First off, I don't go around acting like I'm better than anyone who isn't, or in fact anyone at all! Only reason I might be snooty, is because well I can be bratty and stuck-up at times, especially if I don't know you (Hey! I'm working on it). And if my parents would have found condoms they would have talked to me, and my mum would have grounded me, possibly. Go figure. Um, wait no, if I would have been thinking about sex at all, I would have completely re-thought my idea when I heard what the lowdown was with Ms. Amy Juergens. Oh, yeah, I, however, definitely would not have had done the deed (that being sex) with Ricky. I'm not judging or anything, but I do question his character quite a bit. 

I know I didn't watch the whole eppy, so maybe it could have changed and I might not be the best person to write something about the episode. Honestly though, saying I'm having sex or I want to have sex or just the word sex can get a bit tiring really really fast, since after all, a few scenes aren't probably even 20 mins
What turned me away from watching the show first was the bad acting, then I decided to give the people a chance. Now, again, what's turning me away from the show is the bad acting AND it seeming to go more and more towards just sex than even some other shows that are actually about just sex and people's sex lives. Um me, being a teenager and all, I can say that there are other "secret" things going on in my life, that are more important. 

I am off to bed, even though I should have been a while ago, but I wanted my hair to dry(I just got out the shower). so good night and please, do not take what I said too too seriously and get super mad by something I said, because frankly, I could care less about your sad sad feelings...

with love Rebekka

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