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Friday, February 20, 2009

Midnight Dreaming

So I just got out the shower ooooooh about 20 mins ago. Whoops! Haha.

My intent of coming downstairs was to have a glass of water or orange juice and go back up; well, someone messaged me on FB and so so, that's not the point. The point is, I somehow ended up at style.com and then ended up viewing the Chanel Fall 2006 Couture Collection and oh did I fall in love all over with Chanel! 

Some of my picks from

This first caught my eye, and I think next time I go out whether for errands or somewhere "important", I am going to try my best to achieve this look. 

But this one has got to be my favorite look! So far, it is, after all, only the 4th look out of 60.

I just really love the red and the jean together. 

I really loved those classic Chanel looks with the jean.

Aaaaand the genius behind it all!

I pretty much loved the whole collection, but I guess I couldn't have posted all of the 60 photographs. 
No wunder Chanel is my favorite brand in the world! There's this simplistic thing going on with the modern day woman, what's not to love? I do dream of the day that I can buy all the Chanel clothing I want. Hehe

with love Rebekka

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