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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick Update 19.2.2009 No.2

Ok, so in my other post I also wrote that I will say what I want this blog to be, and what I want it to be about is fashion. I want to write about my musings and what inspires and everything else that's in between that and so much further from that.

I also want this particular blog to be about so much more than fashion. I also love to just write, and I want to write about other things on this blog (but I most likely won't really write "articles" on here, I will just maybe talk about authors). Photography! I love photography, and so I want to post just gorgeous photographs that inspire me. I also want to post about horses, and videos about horses and dressage and also show jumping. Or actually, just anything about horses. 

So I just pretty much want this blog to be about those topics-Fashion, Writing (see above), Horses, and Photography. Those things are pretty much my life and I want to write about them.
I probably will post updates--like this--on here at times as well. 

Some of my picks from 
3.1. Philip Lim Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear Collection found on style.com

Honestly though, I can't describe what my blog will be. It will be what it has, and whatever I post about in the future. I want it to mostly be a style diary, daily inspirations--of anything, lists of things I want, fashion related or not, and as soon as I get a digital camera (I prefer film, but my mum made me realize that having a little digital one around sometimes wouldn't quite be the end of the world as I knew it) I will post hopefully daily photographs of what I am wearing. I think though, we should just wait and see.

I think though that it was important that I post this so that I can myself have an idea of what I want my own blog to be. I have found that I am a really bohemian person, so I kind of just go-with-the-flow and I can't ever really limit myself to a box. If you are looking for a blog that is solely fashion related, then this is not one you should be reading, because other stuff will get mixed in...
Oh! and also before I forget, I am going to be starting another blog that will only have fashion-related photographs. That blog will only have photographs and maybe a little text, but just to say something about the photographs I'm posting or a quotation or something, IDK, let's see. 

But yeah, just wanted to write that and get that out of the way. I need to go take a shower, and trust me when I say need. JK

with love Rebekka

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