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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!

I was surfing through YouTube and decided to check out NylonTV and one of the videos I decided to watch was the 'FASHION WEEK SS'09+ABIGAIL LORICK SHOW.' It mostly caught my attention because it had Abigail Lorick's name in it.
Not too far into the video, I decided that I pretty much want EVERYTHING from the shoot-cake, clothes, jewelry/accessories, furniture (HAHA), apartment.

I w a n t it all!

video source: NylonMagazineTV

Today my friend told me know that she had just received her NylonMag in the mail ( I hope mine comes soon!) and said that is was filled with all sorts of fun; well, I haven't been able to experience the NylonMag fun, but I sure know that NylonMagazineTV on YouTube is full of fun! You should go check it out ASAP- and that's an order!

I was able to eat cake today because my mother, her aunt, and I decided to bake a cake. Mmmmm! It was a Finnish Citrus cake, or Sitruunakakku.
Tosi Hyvää!

note:: all three photos were taken by me!
As you can see, we have already eaten some of the cake, but it still looks good!

with love Rebekka

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