"Fashion will always be my drug, horses will always my high, art will always be my excitement, and God will always be my calm; they will always go together and cannot be broken apart. "

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm Back!

image source: Ceecee wears Chanel

WE GOT INTERNET!!! A few days ago. Good thing we have a Mac that has an internal memory card that picks up wireless signals and supports WiFi (are they the same thing?).

During the time of no Internet I wundered if I should quit the blog. I came to a conclusion that I don't, but I do want changes. I guess for maybe a year or something I have been searching for my own voice as a writer and maybe that's why I have struggled. While we had no Internet, I began to find my voice, my niche. I'm still going through a whole process of self-development and all but I'm getting there. I also have come to a realization that fashion isn't my true passion : art, horses, and writing are. Not trying to say that I don't love fashion because I absolutely do, but I don't want a career in fashion. Fashion has loved me and I loved fashion, but passion wise it's just not there. I love fashion and that's why I want to keep things the way they are; of course I also want to evolve in it as well, but I don't want to mess up my love for it. (Am I making sense?) I am a strong believer in following your passions and going after them and not wasting time on things that you don't have a passionate love affair with. Make sense?

I'm still going to have fashion involved, fashion will always be involved in my life. I love art and writing and that's what I want my career to be based on. I think it's impossible to not have fashion incorporated into my life because I don't believe that fashion is just what you wear but so many more things.

SO, that's for my update. Don't take anything I say super seriously or to a high extent because I am an artist and I change my mind and jump from bus to bus frequently. I'm still young and I'm still searching...


with love Rebekka

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La Couturier said...

Ahh! ):

But whatever you decide is good for you is, well, good (:

La C.