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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mysteriously Sensual & Magnificently Weird Part l: Karl Lagerfeld

I always find an exquisitely mysterious and sensual trait is always attached to Karl Lagerfeld's photographs. He captures the very essence of femininity in the model; all the while making her mysterious, like she's hiding a world of secrets. Every time I see one of his photographs, I stare with my mouth open in awe of how one might be able to capture such beautiful moments. He has everything down to the perfect lighting, setting, and angle all to capture this exceptionally magical moment.

In the photographs above and thumbnails below, his effects make the models look like beautiful one-of-a-kind drawings; yet they are unique photographs.

In the very photographs below, Lagerfeld captures the very mystique that usually captures my eye. The smoke, the mysterious masculine figure in the background, everything is all so alluring and capturing.

I believe sometimes the angle can make perfection:

Lagerfeld's black and white is quite spectacular. I dream of only attempting to get good results when it comes to black and white. The lighting of everything is magnificent and Anja Rubik is beautiful. How he captures the highlights in one area yet perfect shading in another is a mystery to me. As many times when I attempt the black and white neither is equal. I guess practice makes perfect?

I am not quite sure what's going on with the photograph below, but it just looked fun: the colours, the patterns, the girls!

source: FGR "Fashion photography" >> "Karl Lagerfeld"

with love Rebekka

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