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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I love floral and I love jumpsuits and having them together makes for splendid emotions inside of me. My love for both was the inspiration for this post and collage.

Floral is such a delightful print; but pretty is not all they are. The good thing about floral prints is they can also be worn in the fall time making them easily transitional and year-round apparel; which also ends up saving money. When a floral print is done right the piece looks spectacular. The colours, the size of the flowers, the pattern in which the floral is, the style of the clothing, and so much more in order for a floral garment to be right.

In this case the floral on jumpsuits is either a make-it or break-it situation; and these jumpsuits from ASOS make-it! I think what makes them so great is how the jumpsuits are all cinched to perfection at a good waist allowing for it to almost be an illusion of separates, yet, it's a jumpsuit.

source: ASOS
collage owned by Rebekka of rebavanity lifestyle

with love Rebekka

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bryna said...

love all of these!