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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's A Yorkie!

So I know I haven't posted in forever, but I wanted to give a heads up on life. 

My life that is. 

So Update on doggy situation. We are getting a Yorkshire Terrier!!! 

Eeeeeeeps of joy for me!!

The story- Not this past weekend, but I believe the weekend before that, we decided to stroll through __________ town square. Just to say, it's a rather cute little place. Bigger than our previous town. And anyhow, after buying some yummy pretzels at one of the cute shops, or it was more of a tiny, little, itty, bitty mall, hehe, we were walking down one of the streets. 

-And remember, this is an old town square, so they had those old time-y window things.-

So, we were walking and snacking, and out of one of those windows, three cute little Yorkies were yapping at us. So we looked, and stared, and awwwed, and decided to go ahead and walk. Then I asked mum if it might be alright for us to go in and ask where the lady got them from. And oh! where they just adorable. We were able to play and I had my camera and some film, so I took pictures. Well, we found out the lady actually raises them, so she was very helpful and told us a lot about them. The Yorkies were so cute and scruffy and all three of us (mummy, little brother, and I) just fell in love with them. 

As I was playing with one, and my mum was holding another, she whispered into my ear--in Finnish of course--," You can just forget about that other breed." And I just thought how funnny!

Later she told me that the Chinese Cresteds she saw at the breed show were not as cute as these Yorkies, and that she has absolutely fallen in love with them! 

So now, I will be getting a Yorkshire Terrier for my birthday. Though, I might not get it on my birthday, or anywhere near April/May due to the fact we haven't yet put a deposit down, or even found a breeder. 

But we will! 

So that is just some happy news for me. And also, I was getting over this dreadful cold then, so it's not like I was having a great day, or even weekend, but that just made it all the more better!

And photographs to come soon. I know  I still need to put up Lena W. clinic photographs. And I will, hopefully tomorrow. =))

Note::All photos found on Google.com

So this previous Saturday we went down to Waxahachie. Which was fun, it was cold, but fun!
I got to have a lesson on Gunner, but now my legs and back are sore. It's mostly my thighs that are extremely sore! Of course, however, I had a fun time riding Gunner like always. 

I will write in more clear detail about the above events maybe later. Maybe, or maybe this was enough....?

Well, I need to go take a shower. I need some sleep. I really shouldn't have been on the Mac as long as I was. Maybe I'll do some more homework after my shower. 


However, goodnight!!! =))

with love Rebekka

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